Scheduling a session: changing the host of a session

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Published 06/26/2022 at 6:40pm UTC

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This article walks you through the process of how to change the host for a videoconference session in SecureVideo. This will not trigger a notification to the participant(s), although any reminders sent for the session will use the new host name.


This action requires the the new host to be a current licensed user.

  • This feature will not be visible if the Account Option "Show Hosts in Contact List" is set to "No". 
  • Session Notes will not transfer between hosts (any session notes a host creates will remain in their own account). Completed e-documents will remain visible in the session panel's Session Documents section. Any documents assigned to the original host that were not yet completed, will be assigned to the new host.


If a session host is changed after the session has been connected to, all participants will have to leave and re-enter to be connected to others.


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1. Navigate to the session panel of the session you would like to transfer. 


2. Click the "Manage" button and then select "Change Host". 

Arrow pointing at Manage and then Change Host


3. Start typing the name of the host you want to transfer this session to, and then select their name when it appears in the autofill.

Arrow pointing at the typing field and then at the name in the autofill


4. Once selected, the full username should populate. Click the "OK" button.

Arrow pointing at OK


5. The dashboard should reload, and this session will no longer appear on it. You will be able to view the session on the new host's scheduling dashboard. 



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