Scheduling a session: with another user in your organization

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Published 04/14/2015 at 10:32pm UTC

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This article shows how organizations with multiple account holders can invite another user on their organization's account to a videoconference session.


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1. Log into the website to access your Dashboard.

  • New Session Now: 
    Schedule a new session for right now (it will prepopulate the date and time).
  • New Scheduled Session: 
    Schedule a new session for a future time (you choose the date and time). 


If you choose a New Scheduled Session, you will be prompted to select a date (image below and to the left) and time (image below and to the right):

Calendar menu for selecting a session date            Select a session time



2. Once the date and time is selected, or if you chose New Session Now, you will be prompted to enter information for your participant. Start entering the name of your colleague, and look for their name in the autofill. It should be followed by the name of your company in parentheses. 

Name of fellow account user in drop-down



3. Once you select your colleague's name and click elsewhere on the message, the message will shrink. (This is because they will receive their invitation according to their own preferences; e-mail or text.) Click "Save".

Smaller message window



4. When the session appears on your Dashboard, it will not have an access code. (They will access the meeting from their own Dashboard, so they will log in as usual to their SecureVideo account.) 

A host-to-host session on the Dashboard 



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