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Published 07/28/2022 at 3:15pm UTC

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How do I use the API to change the host of one of my sessions?


Change Session Host API

There is a single API methods available to change the host of a session:


Change the Session Host

PUT https://api.securevideo.com/sessionhost/225 (where 225 is the Session ID); or,

PUT https://api.securevideo.com/sessionhost/0?externalSessionId=YYYYY (where YYYYY is the ExternalSessionId of a Session in your EHR/PM system)

{"UserId": 12345}


{"ExternalUserId": "ABC123"}

Changes the host of the session with the ID specified in the URI to the host user ID specified in the body payload. You can specify the new host using the UserId parameter with the User ID obtained from the SecureVideo system, or by using the ExternalUserId parameter with the User ID obtained from your EHR or practice management system. To use ExternalUserId, that ID must have already been set for the user in the SecureVideo system. Account administrators can see more details and enable external IDs by navigating to Profile > Account Options > Scheduling > External ID Label.

On success, this request will return a 200 Status Code, along with content containing the newly updated record.