How to create a Custom Link

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Published 03/11/2016 at 3:04am UTC

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Custom Links are managed by Account Administrators. 


Once a Custom Link has been added, it is visible from your (and your users') waiting room pages. For example, this waiting room page has a custom link called "Meditation Resources":

Example of Custom Link







1. Click on "Features" and select "Custom Links".

Custom Links under the Features tab



2. Click on the "New Custom Link" button. 

New Custom Link button



3. In the "Link" field, paste the full URL. (e.g.,

Adding link 



4. In the "Label" field, enter the text you would like to display underneath the button. 




5. The option "Show to Users Now?" should be set to "Yes" if you would like to make the link visible on your waiting room pages after saving.


6. Click the "Save" button. 

Save button



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