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Published 06/30/2015 at 6:29pm UTC

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How do I use the API to set RSVPs for my session participants?



There is one API method available to set the RSVPs for your session participants:

  • Set RSVP


Set the RSVP for a Session Participant

PUT https://api.securevideo.com/rsvp/12345 (where 12345 is the ParticipationId); or,

PUT https://api.securevideo.com/rsvp/0?externalSessionId=YYYYY&externalId=XXXXX (where, in your EHR/PM system, XXXXX is the ID of a User and YYYYY is the ID of a Session)

 "RSVP": "Confirmed"

Sets the RSVP for the specified Participant, whose ID is specified in the URI. You can use the Session API to retrieve the ParticipationId.

The valid values for RSVP are: "Unknown", "Confirmed", and "Declined".

To retrieve the RSVP status for a Participant, use the Session API to retrieve the Session information, in which you will find the RSVP information.

On success, this request will return a 200 Status Code, along with the updated Session object, the format for which can be seen here.



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